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About iTrust

Today businesses lack visibility into contagion health-risks of employees, customers, and vendors in office buildings, retail locations, and event venues. The stakes are high because the risk of COVID-19 contagion and lack of health-security are significant obstacles for businesses and their onsite attendees. 

iTrust is a cloud application that solves this problem by enabling businesses to health-screen their employees, customers, and vendors. We help create a safer space and reduce the risk of contagion by pre-screening attendees for risk factors prior to entering a physical facility. Risk factors including health indicators, COVID-19 exposure, travel history, and social behavior. 

Businesses subscribe to our service and direct their employees, customers, and vendors to iTrust on the web or mobile app store. Prior to visiting the facility users go online or download the mobile app, create a free online profile, and respond to a series of survey questions. The app validates the users’ identity, analyzes and correlates multiple data points using artificial intelligence, and generates a risk rating: green for fast entry (low risk), yellow for secondary screening (cautionary), or red for entry denied (high risk). Risk ratings are displayed as a secure two-dimensional QR code on the users mobile device. When entering a business facility the user displays their QR code on their mobile device which is scanned by the business using a companion enterprise mobile app. The user’s code is authenticated and either cleared for fast entry or directed for secondary screening such as a thermal scan. Most importantly high-risk end-users are typically screened-out before they arrive, reducing potential onsite contagion and emotional disappointment. 

The iTrust application leverages an award-winning cyber risk rating platform developed by iTrust Holdings. We use artificial intelligence and models designed in conjunction with leading public-health experts. iTrust does not share personably identifiable information (PII) with any third-party or government agency and complies with US HIPAA Privacy and Security rules. 

Our technology enables businesses of all sizes to screen and manage location based health-risks and in the event of an incident work together to mitigate community contagion through contact-tracing. iTrust is a cloud-service platform and requires no onsite hardware or lengthy software implementation.

iTrust is backed by CFV Ventures and Queen City Fintech in Charlotte, NC.

iTrust® is a registered trademark of iTrust Holdings Inc. All rights reserved.

Company Background

iTrust was conceived and developed by the team at TrustNet (, a ten-year-old cybersecurity and compliance consulting firm. TrustNet has deep experience in helping large and mid-size blue-chip clients build trusted relationships with their customers, partners, and employees.

TrustNet is a Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor and provides cybersecurity and compliance products and services around Managed Security, Compliance Assessments (PCI, HIPAA, SOX), and Penetration Testing. iTrust is able to leverage TrustNet’s existing relationships with clients in the target market.

Management Team

Trevor Horwitz is CEO and co-Founder of iTrust. He has over twenty years’ experience in cybersecurity and compliance and is widely recognized as an industry expert. Previous roles include CEO of TrustNet, CEO of Reflex Security, VP of ExpoExchange, VP of Enterpulse, CEO of New Media Productions, VP IT Operations at a division of Corporate Express (NASDAQ: CEXP), and Senior Associate at PwC. He has led multiple companies through liquidity events. He is PCI Qualified Security Assessor and the past President of InfraGard Atlanta.

Mike Kerem is Chief Technology Officer and co-Founder of iTrust. Mike has over twenty years’ experience in cybersecurity and compliance. He was previously the CTO of TrustNet, CISO of Skynet InfoSec, and Technical Director of Neotec. As co-Founder and CTO of BackupOnline, Mike led ground breaking development for one of the world’s first cloud storage providers. BackupOnline was venture funded prior to its’ acquisition by MGX Holdings Limited (JSE:MGX).

Contact Information

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