Q: What is iTrustPass?
A: iTrustPass is a cloud platform that enables businesses to health-screen their employees, customers, and vendors. We help create a safer space and reduce the risk of contagion by pre-screening attendees for contagion risk factors before entering a physical facility. 


Q: Why is this critical for the future of businesses?
A: Today businesses lack visibility into contagion health-risks of employees, customers, and vendors in office buildings, retail locations, and event venues. The stakes are high because the risk of COVID-19 contagion and lack of health-security are significant obstacles for businesses and their onsite attendees. 
Q: Who is this for?
A: iTrustPass is for any sized business, event venue/sporting arena, or manufacturing facility that has a physical location where individuals must be present. Any facility that already has a “check-in process” will find iTrustPass very easy to implement and better than their on-paper solution.  
Q: What type of businesses use iTrustPass?
A: iTrustPass is designed for any sized business facility, event venue, or sports arena, where people come together. Facilities that have a check-in process will find iTrustPass very easy to implement.  
Q: Why should I screen employees for symptoms of COVID-19?

A: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises employers to “consider conducting daily in-person or virtual health checks,” and the CDC’s workplace decision tool goes so far as to counsel organizations against reopening without such measures in place. Most jurisdictions in North America currently require or recommend that businesses implement some form of symptom screening for their employees (the precise form of screening varies by jurisdiction; consult your state and county guidance for applicable regulations).

Q: How was iTrustPass developed?

A: Our health assessment survey is based on the latest publicly available guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), other health institutions, and government agencies. Our medical advisory team review and refine our methodology as new data becomes available.

Q: How do businesses use iTrustPass?
A: iTrustPass is a cloud-based platform that leverages both web and mobile interfaces. A feature-rich functional back-end system enables businesses to track and monitor attendees health. iTrust enables businesses to reduce the risk, liability, and cost associated with COVID-19 contagion. In the event of a potential onsite contagion, iTrustPass can quickly and easily provide alerts and facilitate contact tracing across all attendees.  
Q: How does the platform work for my employees, customers, and vendors?
A: Before visiting a facility your employees, customers, and vendors create a free online profile via the web or mobile device. End-users respond to a series of survey questions including risk factors such as health indicators, COVID-19 exposure, travel history, and social behavior. The data is securely collected and input into our proprietary risk-assessment algorithms. Our back-end cloud-based platform then validates the users’ identity, analyzes and correlates multiple data points, and generates a risk rating: green for fast entry (low-risk), yellow for secondary screening (cautionary), or red for entry restricted (high-risk). Risk ratings are displayed as a secure two-dimensional QR code. When entering a business facility, the user displays their code on their mobile device which is scanned by the business using our companion enterprise mobile app. The user’s code is authenticated and then cleared for entry.
Q: Is iTrustPass easy to use?
A: iTrustPass is extremely easy to use for both businesses and end-users alike. Businesses can contact iTrust to set up an account and be up and running in no time. End-users can go online or download the free app to a mobile device, complete their profile, and take the health assessment survey typically all within 5 minutes.
Q: Is iTrustPass effective?

A: The iTrustPass Health Risk Assessment is based on guidelines from the CDCWHO, and independent health experts. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Q: What results can I expect by implementing iTrustPass at my business?
A:Business customers can expect to reduce the risk of contagion in their business by pre-screening symptomatic individuals. Our platform has been shown to boost end-user confidence and facilitate the normalization of customer traffic.
Q: What do the green, yellow, and red results mean on the iTrustPass app?
A: Green indicates low risk and therefore clear for normal entry, such an individual will be able to enter your practice, office, or venue through a mainstream line. Yellow indicates medium level risk and requires secondary screening at the venue. Red indicates high-risk and restricted entry is recommended. Every facility has unique risks and business can adapt their risk assessment approach based on iTrustPass recommendations.
Q: How do I sign-up my business?
A: If you are a business looking to partner with iTrustPass and use our services, register for your business account here.
Q: Does iTrustPass protect personal and health information?
A: iTrustPass does not share or sell user data with any third-party or government agency. Sensitive health information is protected both in-transit and at-rest using advanced encryption.

We also comply with government regulations including HIPAA Privacy and Security rules.